RLX ActivManage

“RLX allows us to run a 1000 node system with only 1.5 people. We have changed the way we manage our systems based on what we’ve learned from RLX.”

As the modular computing model evolves, the need for comprehensive management solutions will also. RLX makes it possible for you to quickly and efficiently deploy, provision, monitor, and manage one to hundreds of blade and 1U servers from a single remote management console – helping you reduce costs, increase ROI, and do more with less. RLX ActivManage will help you:


  • Lower IT labor costs – 1 administrator to manage 100s of servers
  • Deploy new servers and storage in hours not weeks
  • Deploy software updates and patches in hours instead of days – including Windows and Linux operating systems
  • Re-purpose existing servers in real time
  • Perform software updates to all your servers simultaneously
  • Reduce the cost of configuring, monitoring, and re-purposing High Performance Compute (HPC) clusters
  • Monitor health/performance and take corrective action from anywhere


  • Take corrective action from anywhere, with a simple point and click

Our solutions include:


  • Control Tower XT
  • ActivStat
  • ActivConfig
  • HPC Cluster Manager
  • Storage Module



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