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RLX Technologies is committed to delivering comprehensive products and tools for customers using scale-out ServerBlades for building and managing High Performance Compute (HPC) Clusters. Most recently RLX has developed the RLX HPC Cluster Manager – ideal for simplifying and reducing the cost of configuring, monitoring, and re-purposing HPC clusters. All together, RLX provides the most complete set of HPC Cluster products and tools:

RLX HPC Cluster Manager
The RLX HPC Cluster Manager for Platform LSF 5 is the industry’s first true HPC cluster management software product. RLX HPC Cluster Manager is designed to quickly deploy new HPC clusters, provide an aggregated view of the HPC cluster as a single object, provide instant performance monitoring, and help with HPC cluster expansion and reconfiguration.

RLX BLAST Cluster Solution
The RLX BLAST Cluster Solution incorporates the commonly utilized algorithm known as BLAST (Basic Local Alignment Search Tool) from the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), to create an efficient and effective product for facilitating the search of public and proprietary genomic databases. This solution, optimized for bioinformatics, creates an innovative and cost-effective solution for bio-informatics research.

RLX Compute Cluster Solution
RLX Compute Cluster Solutions are turnkey cluster solutions designed to perform general purpose, message passing and BLAST computational tasks. The solutions combine RLX ServerBlades with Platform LSF 5 to form a complete scalable infrastructure for Linux-based clusters.

RLX MPI Cluster Solution
For effective messaging passing, addressing the challenges of managing jobs among multiple processors working in parallel, RLX Compute Cluster Solutions incorporate MPI/ Pro software to create a comprehensive infrastructure for high performance and parallel computing.

RLX Cluster Knowledge Kits
RLX understands that some customers want to implement clusters based on technologies other than those provided in our turnkey solutions. To fully enable the success of these customers RLX provides Cluster Knowledge Kits that provide detailed information and tools for deploying and operating clusters based on these technologies.

More Information:
For more information on how RLX Cluster Solutions deliver the ultimate performance for HPC Clusters contact RLX at 866-RLX-9866.

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