Modeling & Simulation

ActivIT Modeling and Simulation Solutions – Forming an innovative solution and analyzing “what if” scenarios require quick decision-making ability. Our high-performance solution supports your needs to accomplish more in less time with an infinitely scalable environment that evolves as your requirement for speed increases – with no downtime or costly upgrades.

Suggested applications for our solutions include:

  • Reservoir Modeling
  • Power Grid Modeling/Trafficking
  • 3D Molecular Modeling
  • Animated Movement
  • Natural & Bio Threat Emergency Simulation
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Flight Plans
  • Air Traffic Analysis
  • Weather Forecasts
  • What If Modeling
  • Radar Simulation
  • Financial Analysis

These solutions include ActivBlades, serverblades and chassis that offer the best in modular, scale-out computing with the performance you need with the flexibility/control you demand – built to support your specific application; and ActivManage, intelligent software provisioning, server monitoring and remote console – systems management.

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